I run a small private psychotherapy practice on Wednesdays between 10 am and 5 pm, though other appointments may be available by negotiation.

I specialise in working with transgender children and adolescents aged 12 and under. This work has involved advocacy on the part of young people, counselling and supporting their transition, and connecting them in with other supports. I do not typically provide assessments (i.e., for hormones or surgery), though I will do so for existing clients, following WPATH guidelines. I also specialise in providing support and counselling to parents of transgender children and adolescents. More details about my clinical approach are available in my new book.

I am also willing to take on adult clients who wish to engage in long-term psychoanalysis. Whilst i do not use psychoanalysis in my work with young people and their families, I am trained in psychoanalysis and will see clients wishing to undertake an analysis. This is a long-term commitment aimed not at changing specific behaviours or current concerns per se, but rather is focused on understanding the unconscious processes that shape each person’s way of being in the world.

Fees are on a sliding scale dependant on the capacity of each client to pay. Full fees are $80 for an hour session. Appointments can be made by calling (08) 7122 4559 or via email contact[at] . My practice is in Clarence Park.

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